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There are many elements in lifestyle disease prevention but at its core is the need for individuals to change their self-care and lifestyle habits. But there are significant system-based challenges with implementing self-care change:
1. Today’s healthcare systems are effectively ‘sickness services’ oriented more towards treating the sick than preventing disease. Worse still, health systems can encourage reliance and complacency towards one’s own health.
2. Self-care is the foundation of healthcare, but it occurs largely outside formal health and social systems, making it harder for governments to engage in and support.
3. Self-care can be supported at many different levels – in the family, in the community, in companies or cities, but currently there is little connection or integration.
4. The individual elements of self-care are simple in concept and some are even common-sense, but they should be approached in an integrated and holistic manner. By contrast, Western approaches tend to target one problem at a time.
5. There is much interest and support in the individual elements of self-care, but no natural champions covering the entire self-care space.
In addition to these system-based externalities, of at least equal significance is the fact that it is difficult for individuals to adopt and sustain good self-care practices. Reasons advanced for not undertaking lifestyle changes include:
· It (lifestyle disease) won’t happen to me /‘they’ exaggerate the risk
· I’ll start tomorrow, I have bigger problems today; anyway we’ve all got to die from something
· Lifestyle modification is hard to keep up; I don’t have time/money/energy for it
· If I get sick I go to the doctor – that’s what I pay my taxes for
Taking all of this together, it is apparent that while the threats of lifestyle diseases are massive, the challenges of adopting self-care are also massive.

1. 今天的医疗体制都是以“疾病服务”为导向,更加注重疾病的治疗而非预防。更糟糕的是, 医疗体制竟然鼓励大众仅仅依赖且满足于现有健康。
2. 自我保健是健康医疗体制的基础,但是它却被远远被排除在正规医疗和社会体制之外,因此政府很难参与其中或加以支持。
3. 自我保健在很多不同的层面都可以进行,在家里、在社区、在公司或在城市里,但是目前的情况是各层面的自我保健活动没有任何关联,也不成体系。。
4. 若将个人自我保健所包含的各种因素分开看,在概念上来说还是比较简单的,有一些甚至是常识性的,但仍需将各种因素综合看待。而在西方则相反,个人自我保健的各种因素更应该单独看待。
5. 人们总是更多的关注和支持自我保健的单个活动,同样也没有任何一项活动能够包含自我保健的各个方面。
· 生活方式疾病不可能发生在我身上/他们夸大了患病风险。
· 明天再开始,今天还有更重要的事要做;人终有一死。
· 改变生活习惯很难坚持;我没时间/没钱/没精力去做。

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